Episode 131: Justin Keyes - Neovim

Justin Keyes

Olá pessoal e sejam bem-vindos à mais um episódio do Castálio Podcast!

Our guest for today’s episode is Neovim maintainer, Vim contributor, and a software engineer. It is with a great pleasure that we welcome Justin Keyes to our podcast

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We talked about these topics

  • How he started programming carrer
  • What kind of software he is developing
  • What is the programming language he uses at work
  • How did he get started with Vim and its community
  • Did he try Emacs?
  • How and when Neovim was created
  • How did he became lead maintainer for the project
  • Differences between Vim and Neovim
  • Lua support in Neovim
  • Future plans for Neovim
  • Advantages for beginners to start with Neovim
  • Books and tutorial recommendations for beginners

Top 5

  1. Música: Lamb of God
  2. Música: Arch Enemy
  3. Música: Caji
  4. Música: Megadeth
  5. Música: Arcade Fire
  6. Música: Iron Maiden
  7. Filme: Blade Runner
  8. Filme: Apocalypse
  9. Filme: Total Recall
  10. Livro: Hacker News
  11. Livro: 1984
  12. Livro: The Godfather

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Justin Keyes

Justin Keyes

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