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Episode 119: Carol Nichols - Rust Language

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Today, we are going to be talking about one of the new programming languages that have attracted attention from programmers and companies around the world. Presented by Mozilla Research as a "Safe, Practical and Concurrent" solution and with the promise of solving known systems programming problems, Rust is also a multi-paradigm and multi-purpose language. And we'll learn more about Rust with Carol Nichols one of its core-developers and author of The Rust Programming Language book.

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Discussed topics

  1. What is Rust, Why does it exist? and how does it compare with other systems programming languages such as C++, D and Go?
  2. To ensure memory safety, avoid segmentation faults and race conditions, Rust brings a new level of complexity with the new concerns regarding lifetimes, Ownership and Borrowing. How to explain that stuff in an easy way?
  3. The plans to add syntax sugars to make writing Rust code easier.
  4. The Cargo package manager and the challenges of maintaining crates.io repository.
  5. The diversity of packages available on crates.io
  6. Some Rust pitfalls as the lack of learning resources for beginners and the long time taken to compile + the size of the binaries.
  7. Rust Market Share, who is using and what are the known use cases.
  8. What is missing on Rust to hit the same popularity and adoption as Go?
  9. How to get started with Rust?
  10. The future and what is coming from the impl period?

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Carol Nichols

Carol Nichols

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