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Episódio 106: Dan Bader

Olá pessoal e sejam bem-vindos à mais um episódio do Castálio Podcast!

Nosso convidado de hoje se intitula “a complete python nut”, gosta de cozinhar comida vegetariana, é o autor do livro Python Tricks, recentemente se tornou o mantenedor do site http://pep8.org, publicou vários vídeos excelentes no YouTube, e, se não fosse o bastante, ele iniciou um projeto chamado PythonistaCafe! É com grande prazer que nos recebemos nosso convidado, Dan Bader.

Our guest for today’s episode calls himself “a complete python nut”, likes to cook vegetarian food, is the author of the book Python Tricks, just recently took over the maintainership for the site http://pep8.org/, has a ton of great videos on Youtube, and, as if this wasn’t enough, he started a new project called PythonistaCafe! It is with great pleasure that we welcome our guest, Dan Bader.

We went through the following topics:

  • How did he get started with computers?
  • How did he get started with Python?
  • What he likes most on the Python language?
  • What led him to write his book, Python Tricks?
  • What sets his book apart from other books? In other words, why yet another book about Python?
  • What tools does he use to write his book? And what tools he uses to ease the publishing process?
  • A lot of the topics covered in Dan's book Python Tricks have been shared as videos on YouTube for free and he has a considerable following on YouTube. What led him to share this content with the public?
  • Speaking of YouTube content, your videos are, in our humble opinion, really well put together and their content are always easy to follow and understand. How much time do you spend creating content for YouTube?
  • What tools does he use for video editing and recording?
  • What does he think about the future of Python?
  • Are there some other courses or training material that he has developed.
  • Just recently he started a new project called PythonistaCafe, which sounds like a great combination (Python + coffee). He has described it as: “an invite-only, online community of Python and software development enthusiasts helping each other succeed and grow.” What is this project and what his goals are?
  • What does he like to do while not writing a great book, creating great courses and releasing great videos? In other words, what he like to do while not in front of the PC?

Interested in getting a FREE copy of his Python Tricks e-book? Answer a very simple question for a chance to win here: http://bit.ly/castalio106form. Stay tuned for the next episode, we will announce the winners.

Check the video below for the recording of this episode:

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See you on the next episode!


Dan Bader

Dan Bader


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