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Episódio 114: Mariatta Wijaya - CPython

Olá pessoal e sejam bem-vindos à mais um episódio do Castálio Podcast!

Nossa convidada de hoje é engenheira de sofware em Vancouver, Canadá, é co-organizadora da PyLadies Vancouver e da conferencia PyCascades. Ela também é Python Core Developer, contribuindo com a documentação oficial do Python, Python Developer's Guide, Python Core Workflow, e o site python.org. Ela é a primeira pessoa que entrevistamos neste podcast que tem créditos em filmes no IMDB. É com grande prazer que nos recebemos Mariatta Wijaya.

Our guest for today is a software engineer in Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada), a co-organizer of PyLadies Vancouver and the PyCascades conference. She is also a new Python Core Developer, contributing to the official Python documentation, Python Developer's Guide, Python core workflow, and Python.org. She is also the first person we interview for this podcast who has credits for movies on IMDB. It is with great pleasure that we welcome Mariatta Wijaya.

During this interview we covered the following topics:

  • What is her involvement with movies and animation.
  • How she became a Python Core Developer.
  • What is a PEP (Python Enhancement Proposal) and what is the process of writing, submitting and getting it approved. Also, what is the Guido's role in the PEPs review process.
  • Interesting PEPs: some that she liked and was accepted and some which did not.
  • Does f-strings contradict the Zen of Python "one way of doing things" quote?
  • Is Python community a well documented project? The text formats chosen by Python could be at fault?
  • How a new contributor can get started contributing to the documentation effort and what are the tasks that need help.
  • Creation of the game called tic_tac_taco_pizza and the reason for choosing flit instead of plain setuptools.
  • How is the PyCascades event itself, what type of talks should one expect to see and is it too late to submit talks?

Check the video below for the recording of this episode and the tic_tac_taco_pizza demo:

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See you on the next episode!


Mariatta Wijaya

Mariatta Wijaya


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