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Episódio 126: John Roa - PyCon Colombia

Olá pessoal e sejam bem-vindos à mais um episódio do Castálio Podcast!

Our guest for today’s episode is a passionate self taught team lead and software developer. Cyclist that loves speed. Director of Engineering at LendingFront and PyCon Colombia chief organizer. Our guest today is John Roa and we are going to be talking about PyCon Colombia which is going to happen in Medellin, Colombia through February 9, 10 and 11 - 2018. John welcome to Castalio Podcast.

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We talked about these topics

  • How did John started in the programming world?
  • When he did met Python?
  • How did he come to the point of organizing a PyCon?
  • What are the challenges of organizing such an event?
  • How many people attended the first edition and for how many is the event planned for?
  • Who will be the keynote speakers?
  • How is the Colombian Python community?
  • Where to stay when travelling to the conference?
  • Travel tips for someone going planning to stay longer and visit around.
  • What he thinks about the PyCon Latin America initiative? (started by Manuel Kauffman from Argentina)

Top 5


  1. How to win friends and influence people
  2. How rich people think
  3. Delivering happiness
  4. Start with why
  5. The 10x rule


  1. World of Warcraft


  1. The Matrix
  2. Inception
  3. Liar Liar
  4. Avatar
  5. The Big Bang Theory


  1. The Beatles
  2. Slipknot
  3. Lamb of God
  4. Red Hot Chili Peppers
  5. Molotov
  6. La-33

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