Pete Savage: Git In The Trenches (GITT)

Pete Savage: Git in the Trenches (GITT)

First off I'd like to welcome all the new visitors to this podcast's 17th episode and the very first one done in English! This podcast was born out of my curiosity of getting to know a bit more about the people I have met, whether in person or online, and go beyond the superficial information about them. So instead of just talking about what I already knew, I wanted to focus on what I didn't know... things such, what type of music they like to listen to, or what type of movies and books they enjoy... the history behind their decisions to start or join their current enterprises and really get a behind the scenes glimpse of all the factors that shaped this person to what he/she is now! Up until now I have only catered to the Brazilian Open Source community and all prior episodes have been recorded in Brazilian Portuguese. When I asked my listeners if they would be interested in an episode in English with someone new and exciting, the answer was an overwhelming 'Yes!'

So for my very first episode in English I chose to interview a good friend of mine from several years: Pete Savage! During the next 58 minutes we talked about how we first met through a PyGtk video he posted a while back during a Linux User Group meeting, how he first got involved with Edubuntu, and then moved on to several other projects such as ProgBox and GeekDeck, about the books that he's written including the reason for writing "Emblem Divide", how much the Japanese culture plays a role in his daily life, and his Top 5 movies, books and movies! A transcript of this episode can be found here, as well as a link where you can translate it into your native language via Google Translate.

I had a great time chatting with Pete and I hope you'll also enjoy learning a bit more about him through this episode!